Let me take you with me on my adventure to a little piece of paradise….a protected little haven we refer to as SMA (San Miguel de Allende) in the heart of Mexico that will truly amaze you!

We arrived at Mexico City airport on Sunday and after a brief delay in customs were in the shuttle and on our way for a 3 1/2 hour drive to our destination.  There is the option of flying in to Leon airport which is only a 1 1/2 hour drive to SMA but that smaller airport limits the amount of baggage you can bring.  Since we will be traveling back and forth for the next year we decided to bring more clothing this first time around.

As we opened the door to our Casa on Cri Cri and stepped inside, a sense of wonderment swept over us both … it was even more beautiful than we remembered when we visited only a few short months ago.  Everything is made of stone and earthen tile inside and outside of the home.  Bouganvillas and Mandevillas cascade over the courtyard walls in the front foyer of the home and also the interior garden area in the middle of the Casa permeating the air with their sweet fragrance and vibrant splashes of color.

I feel like a princess in a palace!  Our gracious landlord arranged for Lupita (the caretaker of the property) to have vases filled with fresh cut roses and a bottle of fine wine awaiting our arrival.  Our landlord is also the designer and builder of this home and another one one street over on Tata Nacho.  A wonderful Canadian man with a great personality and a impeccable taste in design and workmanship…this house is truly amazing!



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