{May 28, 2014}   How To Defeat Time
Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Today I had a wonderful lunch with my son Jason.  Time literally stood still for us.  Remember the post I wrote earlier ‘Buying Time’?  Today I had a reminder of how true that really is.

We were so aware of every moment that it seemed like we had been lunching 2 hours and I became concerned he would be late back to work.  But when checked the time, it had only been 1 hour!  We both just started laughing.  I still stand behind the concepts of what I blogged about previously because over and over I find myself ‘defeating’ time.

When you catch yourself and ‘observe the moment’ you are in you bring awareness to that point in time….you are fully present and focused on what is happening.   The more often you do this, the closer together the gaps in time become that you are not fully present and in ‘no time’ mode.  And the length of that ‘no time’ period becomes longer and longer.

It will only be for a few seconds here and there at first but after a while you will just realize that “hey, I’m staying a lot more present now than before…when did that happen?”

Besides gaining more time, this practice also has the added benefit of the person you are communication with feeling like you are really focused and attentive on him, not on what you want to say next or what happened yesterday.  Which is important because in today’s busy world a lot of people feel like no one really has ‘time’ for them.  It helps them feel like you value them enough to ‘be there’ and pay attention to them and what they have to say. I think this would improve a lot of relationships…..how about you?

The past is gone, the future is not here.  All we have is now.  If you stay aware of what is going on as you do things, in a sense you defeat ‘time’ itself.

Thanks for listening…and practice taking ‘time’ to really be with the person you are with.


{March 21, 2014}   Boundaries

Good morning! Here is my thought for today…

How you react has to do with your ability to be objective. You cannot be objective if you don’t have boundaries because you can’t tell where the other person’s personality ends and yours begins.

Be warm today. Hugs!

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