{April 15, 2014}   I in You and You in Me


This morning I was meditating again on the breath.  The Christ said ‘I in you and you in me‘ in a passage in the New Testament.  I wonder if what he meant by that is similar to what I posted in my earlier post ‘Grouse Meditation’.

Imagine standing near the Man from Galilee with others that came to hear him speak.  As He exhales, each breath he breaths out you breath in.  You are breathing Him into you…the air that was in His lungs and sustaining His human body is now in yours doing the same for you!

Breath is the only thing that the human body cannot exist without.  You can go days without food or water as the Christ did in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights – but you cannot go without air….without breath…for more than a few minutes.  Oxygen is the Source of our sustenance.

Within the breath we experience they rhythm of energy that all Life emits.



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