{April 13, 2014}   Why I Use Nature

Helping hummingbird 2

I was raised a Preacher’s Daughter.  My Father was in the military and we moved all over the world while I was young.  On our second tour in England, my Father started a Church of Christ in the small village nearby.  After retiring from the Air Force, he went on to complete his Doctorate in Religion and Theology to add to his Masters in Psychology. So I am very familiar with ‘the Book’ and the concepts it teaches.

I married young – at 18 – to a man that was also ‘in the church’.  During my marriage to him, he moved me and our first baby to Boston where we became involved in what I later came to understand was considered a Cult.  So again….in my life I have been very involved in Religion and Organized Religious Beliefs am very, very familiar with the teachings and traditions of men.

Many people who have known me well during all phases of my life ask me why I use Nature so much when I speak of Spiritual things. Animals, plants, the elements of the earth – Nature – is what has helped guide me to re-establish my connection to the Creator of All That Is.  I experienced many different forms of, well, let’s call it negative influences during my ‘religious’ days and I had lost Faith, Hope and Joy in Life itself.  As a result, I find it very difficult to say or hear certain words that are associated with the common religious words used because they act as triggers to dark days for me.

I searched for many years trying to find My Highest Truth in this Human existence and I found that because I love and am drawn to animals and being in nature so much, that is where I find comfort and proof of the Source of All Creation.  Animals teach the many of the same lessons that the Christ taught us (if you will listen) in ways that anyone can understand.  And your Inner Spirit gives guidance. ‘Seek and you shall find’…..I’ve followed those words I never really understood before, and I am finding.  I am now more connected to Spirit than I EVER was in my whole life in the church being spoon-fed what I was supposed to believe.  I am a Spiritual person, and no longer a ‘religious’ one.  To me there is a big difference.

My intention is to complete the book I have been writing on this subject in hopes to help others like me that may have lost Faith or (‘fallen away’ as the church likes to say it) to find their way back to being connected with the Source of All that Is.  My goal is to share the Truth of Life as I see it through different words as Nature herself reveals them to me so that ALL may hear in terminology they can understand – not just the Biblical Scholars.

This blog is a place that I can share – and hear what others may have to share on the subject. I welcome input on Life lessons you have learned and how you learned them, or questions you may have to help you understand as well…..but please refrain from ‘preaching’ to me as my human self will shut it out immediately.

Be at Peace.



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