{April 10, 2014}   Balancing


They told me it is time to start using my left hand for everything to help relieve the pain.  I am right handed.  Unfortunately I also have a ‘frozen’ right shoulder.  Frozen means that my body thinks there is something bad in that area so it is building up lots of scar tissue to protect that area.  It also means I have very limited range of motion.  I am unable to brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, put on jackets and shirts and other clothing, open doors, reach up into the kitchen cabinet to get a glass down, give a hug to you with my arms around your neck ….with my right hand.

Have you ever tried to use your computer mouse with your left hand if you are right handed?  NOT easy.  Things have become a challenge, but life is full of challenges.

A challenge I am enjoying though is learning to make my Tibetan Bowl sing with my left hand.  It comes so easy and naturally with my right hand and such a beautiful sound rings out.  The first time I ever picked up a singing bowl I was able to make it sing perfectly.  Apparently it’s not an easy thing to do the first few times.  I never knew that though.  Now I am finding out …by having to use my left hand to run the mallet around the lip of the bowl.  The first time I got NO sound!  I thought I might not be able to get any sound and that would be very hard to accept.  But I’m finding it easier and easier and soon I expect my  left hand to be just as good as my right hand.

Facing this challenge has made me have a whole new respect for the importance of being balanced.  There are many ways to be balanced….and balance is essential in life.  The topic of  ‘balance’ is a whole blog of its’ own so we won’t go into it here.  But think about it – if you have never experienced darkness, you don’t know what light is and cannot appreciate it.  Same goes for happiness and sorrow and a host of others.

The great Yogis try to teach us about balance in our lives.  They teach us poses and stretches that you must do equally on each side. Exercise instructors emphasize doing the same amount of weight and reps on each side for balance. We are told to eat a balanced diet and to learn to balance working and time with your family.

Maybe a good exercise to help understand the concept of balance would be to make yourself do things differently than you currently do. Drive home a different way, play with the cat first when you get home instead of the dog.  Eat your cereal with your left hand instead of the right. I’m being forced to out of no other choice, and I am learning a lot.




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