{April 5, 2014}   Grouse Meditation

This thought came to my mind as I woke up today:

We are all connected…even with animals and plants.  We all breathe the same air! Think about it. I’m standing by you talking with you – as I breathe out my breath, you are breathing in the air near us….which contains the breath I just breathed out.

I am away at a mountain retreat in the Great Smokey Mountains – connecting with the Source of all that is.  Last night while sitting on the porch visiting with my hostess she informed me that there are Bears, Coyotes, Turkeys and Grouse all over the mountain.  Cool!  I love animals…all nature. But I had no idea what a Grouse was.

This morning I had a great meditation with my tibetan singing bowl and then drew an animal card.  I like to draw animal cards because I connect so much with nature and it is my way of staying close to our Creator.  Animals, plants, and the elements all have their place in all that Is as well and we are all in this life together.  Each animal has a special significance of it’s own.  In Native American Indian medicine, Grouse signifies the Sacred Spiral of life.

Guess what card I drew this morning?  You got it – Grouse!  Nope, I do not believe in coincidences.  When you think of the Sacred Spiral, think of a tornado or whirlpool…it pulls you in a spiral to the center of it.  It’s a metaphor for personal enlightenment and personal vision….a symbol of birth and re-birth. So when you think of what Grouse signifies while in meditation, look at the various movements in your world.

1. Start by visualizing the Sun in the group of stars in the Milky Way swirling around.

2.Draw yourself out of this Star spiral of light and into the spiraling of your own DNA strand.

3. Analyze the way you move through your world.  Think about the things you do throughout your days – how you act or react, what are your actions?

4. Ask yourself ‘What kind of reaction do I cause with the energy I put out into the universe?’  Are you sending out loving and kind energy waves, or angry, impatient, selfish energy wave frequencies? Examine the ways in which your energy may be causing friction and sparks with others around you.

5 . What words would you use to describe the way you move through material AND spiritual worlds?

6. Is your movement compatible with your greatest desires and goals?

7. Work towards harnessing your energy and directing it towards clearly defined goals.

My desire is to live a peaceful, loving, quiet life and however I can, to help others to have a better life.  In what capacity that is, I am not sure but I do what I am led to do.  Maybe I have a lot of life experience insight to offer through my writing, or maybe beautiful things flow from Spirit through me that may inspire or comfort others.  Or maybe I am to just Love.

But if the energies I put out are not in line with those desires, then they cannot be met. Instead those wonderful ‘free’, peaceful energies repel against the chaotic, angry, negative energies and push them away.  In essence, push ME away.

By the laws of nature, positive attracts positive.  So if you want positive things in your life, you must be full of positive energy…and share that positive energy with others. Whether you realize it or not, you impact everyone you come in contact with every day.

So in remembering my very first statement, the next time you get angry with someone and start speaking in harsh tones and hateful words, remind yourself that those words and breath are going out of you and as quickly, are being breathed in by people around you.  They are breathing pure negativity!  How do you think they will react to you?




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