{March 24, 2014}   Be Still

Be still and listen to the voice that tells you who you really are and and what you have to offer.

Can you ‘Be Still’? Can you just ‘Be’? Very few people I have come in contact with are able to just ‘Be’. When I talk about Being to them they look at me like I grew a 3rd eye or something….truth be told, I DID! But if you are not comfortable Being alone with yourself, if you do not enjoy your own company, you will not understand what I mean by that.

Think about it – we are human Beings….not human ‘Doings‘. Right? When ‘You’ first came into your human body, you knew what it was like to Be. Your first 9 months of human existence, all you could do was ‘be’. And listen. After you came out of the darkness and safety of the womb, you still remembered where you came from and how to ‘Be’ for a few years. As time rolled by though, you forgot. The noise and chatter of the human existence is non-stop and it is seldom one can quiet the mind long enough to get the gap – that little space in between the words.

It may be uncomfortable at first but you will love it if you can make your body and mind cooperate – even for a short time….even for 30 seconds a day. Once the understanding and knowing is there, to return for a time each day will come naturally once again. And you will remember.


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