{March 19, 2014}   Bees

Last night I dreamed about bees .  I felt 5-6 of them moving and then buzzing in my hair on top of my head.  I reached up and felt them and one by one gently pulled them out of my hair. When I saw the first one in my hand and felt it buzzing, I threw it down and stomped on it, but my fear passed quickly and I let them free instead.  None of them stung me.  The first sensation I had was of danger and fear they would sting, but that passed very quickly.  I got them out and all was fine.  Here is what Shaman medicine says:

“If the Bee has come to you in your dreams:

To see Bees in your dream symbolizes wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity and bliss. Bees are also symbolic of hard work and industry as represented by the common phrase “busy as a Bee.” Your hard work will pay off in the end with sweet results. Alternatively, the dream represents the things that are happening in your life or something that is buzzing with activity. Is there a lot going on in your life?

To dream that you are stung by a Bee, indicates that you have been wronged. Maybe you have been hurt by some stinging remark.

A bee landing on someone’s hand is believed to foretell money to come, while if it settles on someone’s head it means that person will rise to greatness. “

My life has been extremely busy and challenging for the last few years, working harder than I ever have in my life with 3 companies that Alan and I have.  I’m talking insanely crazy busy….and every time it seems things are calming down and stabilizing, another big change happens!

There are some more changes happening in the very near future business – wise.  We recently moved (2 weeks ago) to a new place where I have birds and trees surrounding me finally, whereas for the last year we have lived surrounded by concrete and asphalt in a high-rise downtown.

I was beginning to feel quite ‘blue’ from the lack of nature and peacefulness around me – after all, I am a tree-hugger and nature lover.  Screaming sirens all the time was what I heard, not the sounds of nature.  We have gotten more clients which is great – but busy!

I was resisting the ‘busy-ness’ in my life for a while, but a peace has started to regain it’s place within me all the ‘business’ is a GOOD sign that we are going in the right direction and very soon it will start paying off for us both financially, and in our relationship…according to the BEES.

I’ve started writing and painting again which is so rewarding and refreshing.  So thank you Bees for reaffirming where my path is going!


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