{May 28, 2014}   How To Defeat Time
Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Today I had a wonderful lunch with my son Jason.  Time literally stood still for us.  Remember the post I wrote earlier ‘Buying Time’?  Today I had a reminder of how true that really is.

We were so aware of every moment that it seemed like we had been lunching 2 hours and I became concerned he would be late back to work.  But when checked the time, it had only been 1 hour!  We both just started laughing.  I still stand behind the concepts of what I blogged about previously because over and over I find myself ‘defeating’ time.

When you catch yourself and ‘observe the moment’ you are in you bring awareness to that point in time….you are fully present and focused on what is happening.   The more often you do this, the closer together the gaps in time become that you are not fully present and in ‘no time’ mode.  And the length of that ‘no time’ period becomes longer and longer.

It will only be for a few seconds here and there at first but after a while you will just realize that “hey, I’m staying a lot more present now than before…when did that happen?”

Besides gaining more time, this practice also has the added benefit of the person you are communication with feeling like you are really focused and attentive on him, not on what you want to say next or what happened yesterday.  Which is important because in today’s busy world a lot of people feel like no one really has ‘time’ for them.  It helps them feel like you value them enough to ‘be there’ and pay attention to them and what they have to say. I think this would improve a lot of relationships…..how about you?

The past is gone, the future is not here.  All we have is now.  If you stay aware of what is going on as you do things, in a sense you defeat ‘time’ itself.

Thanks for listening…and practice taking ‘time’ to really be with the person you are with.


{April 19, 2014}   Blue Heron


Blue Heron

Blue Heron in Watercolor


My latest painting…Blue Heron in Watercolor.  We were strolling by the lake at the park last week and witnessed a Canadian Goose chasing a Blue Heron away from her nesting area.

Have you ever watched a Blue Heron take off into flight?  So graceful…majestic, regal.  This guy displayed such dignity as the squawking Goose frantically flapped after him.

Are you a Canadian Goose – or a Blue Heron?  How do you handle stressful challenges in your life…frantically or with control?

{April 15, 2014}   I in You and You in Me


This morning I was meditating again on the breath.  The Christ said ‘I in you and you in me‘ in a passage in the New Testament.  I wonder if what he meant by that is similar to what I posted in my earlier post ‘Grouse Meditation’.

Imagine standing near the Man from Galilee with others that came to hear him speak.  As He exhales, each breath he breaths out you breath in.  You are breathing Him into you…the air that was in His lungs and sustaining His human body is now in yours doing the same for you!

Breath is the only thing that the human body cannot exist without.  You can go days without food or water as the Christ did in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights – but you cannot go without air….without breath…for more than a few minutes.  Oxygen is the Source of our sustenance.

Within the breath we experience they rhythm of energy that all Life emits.


{April 13, 2014}   Why I Use Nature

Helping hummingbird 2

I was raised a Preacher’s Daughter.  My Father was in the military and we moved all over the world while I was young.  On our second tour in England, my Father started a Church of Christ in the small village nearby.  After retiring from the Air Force, he went on to complete his Doctorate in Religion and Theology to add to his Masters in Psychology. So I am very familiar with ‘the Book’ and the concepts it teaches.

I married young – at 18 – to a man that was also ‘in the church’.  During my marriage to him, he moved me and our first baby to Boston where we became involved in what I later came to understand was considered a Cult.  So again….in my life I have been very involved in Religion and Organized Religious Beliefs am very, very familiar with the teachings and traditions of men.

Many people who have known me well during all phases of my life ask me why I use Nature so much when I speak of Spiritual things. Animals, plants, the elements of the earth – Nature – is what has helped guide me to re-establish my connection to the Creator of All That Is.  I experienced many different forms of, well, let’s call it negative influences during my ‘religious’ days and I had lost Faith, Hope and Joy in Life itself.  As a result, I find it very difficult to say or hear certain words that are associated with the common religious words used because they act as triggers to dark days for me.

I searched for many years trying to find My Highest Truth in this Human existence and I found that because I love and am drawn to animals and being in nature so much, that is where I find comfort and proof of the Source of All Creation.  Animals teach the many of the same lessons that the Christ taught us (if you will listen) in ways that anyone can understand.  And your Inner Spirit gives guidance. ‘Seek and you shall find’…..I’ve followed those words I never really understood before, and I am finding.  I am now more connected to Spirit than I EVER was in my whole life in the church being spoon-fed what I was supposed to believe.  I am a Spiritual person, and no longer a ‘religious’ one.  To me there is a big difference.

My intention is to complete the book I have been writing on this subject in hopes to help others like me that may have lost Faith or (‘fallen away’ as the church likes to say it) to find their way back to being connected with the Source of All that Is.  My goal is to share the Truth of Life as I see it through different words as Nature herself reveals them to me so that ALL may hear in terminology they can understand – not just the Biblical Scholars.

This blog is a place that I can share – and hear what others may have to share on the subject. I welcome input on Life lessons you have learned and how you learned them, or questions you may have to help you understand as well…..but please refrain from ‘preaching’ to me as my human self will shut it out immediately.

Be at Peace.


{April 10, 2014}   Balancing


They told me it is time to start using my left hand for everything to help relieve the pain.  I am right handed.  Unfortunately I also have a ‘frozen’ right shoulder.  Frozen means that my body thinks there is something bad in that area so it is building up lots of scar tissue to protect that area.  It also means I have very limited range of motion.  I am unable to brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, put on jackets and shirts and other clothing, open doors, reach up into the kitchen cabinet to get a glass down, give a hug to you with my arms around your neck ….with my right hand.

Have you ever tried to use your computer mouse with your left hand if you are right handed?  NOT easy.  Things have become a challenge, but life is full of challenges.

A challenge I am enjoying though is learning to make my Tibetan Bowl sing with my left hand.  It comes so easy and naturally with my right hand and such a beautiful sound rings out.  The first time I ever picked up a singing bowl I was able to make it sing perfectly.  Apparently it’s not an easy thing to do the first few times.  I never knew that though.  Now I am finding out …by having to use my left hand to run the mallet around the lip of the bowl.  The first time I got NO sound!  I thought I might not be able to get any sound and that would be very hard to accept.  But I’m finding it easier and easier and soon I expect my  left hand to be just as good as my right hand.

Facing this challenge has made me have a whole new respect for the importance of being balanced.  There are many ways to be balanced….and balance is essential in life.  The topic of  ‘balance’ is a whole blog of its’ own so we won’t go into it here.  But think about it – if you have never experienced darkness, you don’t know what light is and cannot appreciate it.  Same goes for happiness and sorrow and a host of others.

The great Yogis try to teach us about balance in our lives.  They teach us poses and stretches that you must do equally on each side. Exercise instructors emphasize doing the same amount of weight and reps on each side for balance. We are told to eat a balanced diet and to learn to balance working and time with your family.

Maybe a good exercise to help understand the concept of balance would be to make yourself do things differently than you currently do. Drive home a different way, play with the cat first when you get home instead of the dog.  Eat your cereal with your left hand instead of the right. I’m being forced to out of no other choice, and I am learning a lot.



{April 7, 2014}   ‘Buying’ Time

Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole

Have you ever noticed how sometimes time feels like it is flying by and you wish you had more – and at other times it seems time stands still?

My Mother and I were talking this morning about how interesting the concept of ‘time’ is.  Sometimes it just flies by so fast and leaves you wishing for a little bit longer of a vacation, or a toe curling kiss, or bear hug from your grandchild.  However, when you are doing something that you don’t enjoy, time just drags on so slow, doesn’t it?

Life seems to have become a rush here, rush there, rush everywhere kind of world and no one ever has enough ‘time’.  Time is actually just a human concept.  We don’t have time – really.  The past is gone, the future is not here.  All we have is now.  If you stay present in the Now, you defeat ‘time’ itself.

I discovered this weekend that time ‘stood still’.  I accomplished so much in a relatively small amount of time.  It was really quite amazing.  It happened each day that I was on this retreat getting re-connected with the Source of all that Is. Because each day, rather than let my thoughts drift to work and other obligations, I stayed in the present moment as I let my creative energies flow.

Wow!  I was able to write in my blog several times, completed a bird water color, and a self portrait charcoal drawing…and am about 3/4 of the way done with a flowers in vase acrylic painting!  But wait….there’s more (like on QVC, right?) – I also was able to spend time in meditation, do yoga, sing songs out of a very old Songs of the Church book I borrowed from my Dad, COOK (a miracle for me), go for a hike, sit and listen to the birds, watch the sunset (each day) and read.

That is what I call ‘Buying’ time.  If you stay present in each moment and are fully aware at that moment of your actions and all that Is, in a sense you ‘create or buy’ time.  For some reason, somehow, it magically sort of slows down or stops the clock for you and allows you to accomplish so much more.

Much more than when you are running around like crazy trying to get everything done and still aren’t able to accomplish it all.  All you accomplish by acting in such a way is stressing yourself out, causing dis-ease in your body, resisting against the flow of what Is, and ultimately always feeling like you don’t have enough time.

I don’t know why slowing down and being in the moment allows you to accomplish more – maybe it is Divine intervention.  Maybe it is the natural laws of the Universe.  Maybe it is just individual perspective and attitude.  What I DO know for me personally is that staying present does ‘buy’ me more time.  And time is one thing you cannot ever get back.  ‘Time’ as we humanly know it, once this moment has passed, it is gone.  Forever.  Be focused and present in every single moment…and be amazed by how much more you will ‘live’.


{April 5, 2014}   Grouse Meditation

This thought came to my mind as I woke up today:

We are all connected…even with animals and plants.  We all breathe the same air! Think about it. I’m standing by you talking with you – as I breathe out my breath, you are breathing in the air near us….which contains the breath I just breathed out.

I am away at a mountain retreat in the Great Smokey Mountains – connecting with the Source of all that is.  Last night while sitting on the porch visiting with my hostess she informed me that there are Bears, Coyotes, Turkeys and Grouse all over the mountain.  Cool!  I love animals…all nature. But I had no idea what a Grouse was.

This morning I had a great meditation with my tibetan singing bowl and then drew an animal card.  I like to draw animal cards because I connect so much with nature and it is my way of staying close to our Creator.  Animals, plants, and the elements all have their place in all that Is as well and we are all in this life together.  Each animal has a special significance of it’s own.  In Native American Indian medicine, Grouse signifies the Sacred Spiral of life.

Guess what card I drew this morning?  You got it – Grouse!  Nope, I do not believe in coincidences.  When you think of the Sacred Spiral, think of a tornado or whirlpool…it pulls you in a spiral to the center of it.  It’s a metaphor for personal enlightenment and personal vision….a symbol of birth and re-birth. So when you think of what Grouse signifies while in meditation, look at the various movements in your world.

1. Start by visualizing the Sun in the group of stars in the Milky Way swirling around.

2.Draw yourself out of this Star spiral of light and into the spiraling of your own DNA strand.

3. Analyze the way you move through your world.  Think about the things you do throughout your days – how you act or react, what are your actions?

4. Ask yourself ‘What kind of reaction do I cause with the energy I put out into the universe?’  Are you sending out loving and kind energy waves, or angry, impatient, selfish energy wave frequencies? Examine the ways in which your energy may be causing friction and sparks with others around you.

5 . What words would you use to describe the way you move through material AND spiritual worlds?

6. Is your movement compatible with your greatest desires and goals?

7. Work towards harnessing your energy and directing it towards clearly defined goals.

My desire is to live a peaceful, loving, quiet life and however I can, to help others to have a better life.  In what capacity that is, I am not sure but I do what I am led to do.  Maybe I have a lot of life experience insight to offer through my writing, or maybe beautiful things flow from Spirit through me that may inspire or comfort others.  Or maybe I am to just Love.

But if the energies I put out are not in line with those desires, then they cannot be met. Instead those wonderful ‘free’, peaceful energies repel against the chaotic, angry, negative energies and push them away.  In essence, push ME away.

By the laws of nature, positive attracts positive.  So if you want positive things in your life, you must be full of positive energy…and share that positive energy with others. Whether you realize it or not, you impact everyone you come in contact with every day.

So in remembering my very first statement, the next time you get angry with someone and start speaking in harsh tones and hateful words, remind yourself that those words and breath are going out of you and as quickly, are being breathed in by people around you.  They are breathing pure negativity!  How do you think they will react to you?



{March 24, 2014}   Be Still

Be still and listen to the voice that tells you who you really are and and what you have to offer.

Can you ‘Be Still’? Can you just ‘Be’? Very few people I have come in contact with are able to just ‘Be’. When I talk about Being to them they look at me like I grew a 3rd eye or something….truth be told, I DID! But if you are not comfortable Being alone with yourself, if you do not enjoy your own company, you will not understand what I mean by that.

Think about it – we are human Beings….not human ‘Doings‘. Right? When ‘You’ first came into your human body, you knew what it was like to Be. Your first 9 months of human existence, all you could do was ‘be’. And listen. After you came out of the darkness and safety of the womb, you still remembered where you came from and how to ‘Be’ for a few years. As time rolled by though, you forgot. The noise and chatter of the human existence is non-stop and it is seldom one can quiet the mind long enough to get the gap – that little space in between the words.

It may be uncomfortable at first but you will love it if you can make your body and mind cooperate – even for a short time….even for 30 seconds a day. Once the understanding and knowing is there, to return for a time each day will come naturally once again. And you will remember.

{March 21, 2014}   Boundaries

Good morning! Here is my thought for today…

How you react has to do with your ability to be objective. You cannot be objective if you don’t have boundaries because you can’t tell where the other person’s personality ends and yours begins.

Be warm today. Hugs!

{March 19, 2014}   Bees

Last night I dreamed about bees .  I felt 5-6 of them moving and then buzzing in my hair on top of my head.  I reached up and felt them and one by one gently pulled them out of my hair. When I saw the first one in my hand and felt it buzzing, I threw it down and stomped on it, but my fear passed quickly and I let them free instead.  None of them stung me.  The first sensation I had was of danger and fear they would sting, but that passed very quickly.  I got them out and all was fine.  Here is what Shaman medicine says:

“If the Bee has come to you in your dreams:

To see Bees in your dream symbolizes wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity and bliss. Bees are also symbolic of hard work and industry as represented by the common phrase “busy as a Bee.” Your hard work will pay off in the end with sweet results. Alternatively, the dream represents the things that are happening in your life or something that is buzzing with activity. Is there a lot going on in your life?

To dream that you are stung by a Bee, indicates that you have been wronged. Maybe you have been hurt by some stinging remark.

A bee landing on someone’s hand is believed to foretell money to come, while if it settles on someone’s head it means that person will rise to greatness. “

My life has been extremely busy and challenging for the last few years, working harder than I ever have in my life with 3 companies that Alan and I have.  I’m talking insanely crazy busy….and every time it seems things are calming down and stabilizing, another big change happens!

There are some more changes happening in the very near future business – wise.  We recently moved (2 weeks ago) to a new place where I have birds and trees surrounding me finally, whereas for the last year we have lived surrounded by concrete and asphalt in a high-rise downtown.

I was beginning to feel quite ‘blue’ from the lack of nature and peacefulness around me – after all, I am a tree-hugger and nature lover.  Screaming sirens all the time was what I heard, not the sounds of nature.  We have gotten more clients which is great – but busy!

I was resisting the ‘busy-ness’ in my life for a while, but a peace has started to regain it’s place within me all the ‘business’ is a GOOD sign that we are going in the right direction and very soon it will start paying off for us both financially, and in our relationship…according to the BEES.

I’ve started writing and painting again which is so rewarding and refreshing.  So thank you Bees for reaffirming where my path is going!


Let me take you with me on my adventure to a little piece of paradise….a protected little haven we refer to as SMA (San Miguel de Allende) in the heart of Mexico that will truly amaze you!

We arrived at Mexico City airport on Sunday and after a brief delay in customs were in the shuttle and on our way for a 3 1/2 hour drive to our destination.  There is the option of flying in to Leon airport which is only a 1 1/2 hour drive to SMA but that smaller airport limits the amount of baggage you can bring.  Since we will be traveling back and forth for the next year we decided to bring more clothing this first time around.

As we opened the door to our Casa on Cri Cri and stepped inside, a sense of wonderment swept over us both … it was even more beautiful than we remembered when we visited only a few short months ago.  Everything is made of stone and earthen tile inside and outside of the home.  Bouganvillas and Mandevillas cascade over the courtyard walls in the front foyer of the home and also the interior garden area in the middle of the Casa permeating the air with their sweet fragrance and vibrant splashes of color.

I feel like a princess in a palace!  Our gracious landlord arranged for Lupita (the caretaker of the property) to have vases filled with fresh cut roses and a bottle of fine wine awaiting our arrival.  Our landlord is also the designer and builder of this home and another one one street over on Tata Nacho.  A wonderful Canadian man with a great personality and a impeccable taste in design and workmanship…this house is truly amazing!


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